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With stunning flooring patterns, a range of styles and excellent quality features, vinyl tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for both domestic and commercial properties. There are a stunning range of luxury vinyl floor tiles, from traditional wood finish to slate and tiles, available at any flooring retail shops.

Durable and cost-effective flooring option

Luxury vinyl tiles, as the name suggests, are of a superior level of luxury and quality. Vinyl floorings are versatile, long lasting and require low maintenance. Luxury vinyl helps create a look that is close to that of real stone or timber of ceramic tiles. It even reflects the minute surface details such as scrapes and embossed effects. If you are considering LVT for your domestic or commercial property, it is a highly recommended flooring option.

A skilled and experienced flooring specialist will visit your property at a time convenient to you and take you through some of the luxury vinyl tile samples they have. Based on your requirements, taste and budget, you can choose a vinyl flooring option. The team will then supply and install the flooring, ensuring you receive a fast and efficient service. You can also count on the experts to suggest whether screeding or the installation of hardboard is necessary to ensure a smooth subfloor. Further, with advanced technology such as photography and printing, luxury vinyl tiles can be replicated to give the look and texture of wooden and stone floors.

Benefits of luxury vinyl tiles

Take a look at some of the main benefits you can enjoy when you opt for vinyl tiles.

●          Easy maintenance

●          Water resistant

●          Warm and quiet underfoot

●          Realistic

●          Affordable

●          Long lasting

●          Available in a variety of designs, patterns, and colours

What is LVT made of?

Luxury vinyl tiles are made of several layers, which includes a base layer made of PVC for structural strength and a design layer to incorporate all the design and pattern ideas. These layers help the flooring to withstand any amount of wear and tear. LVT comes in a range of size, colours and shapes so that you can customise the flooring according to your taste and décor style.  LVTs are not only quick and easy to install but also can be used in rooms including kitchens and bathrooms that have high humidity and water exposure.

A room is only as good as its floor. Not only because a strong floor is what makes a room usable, but also because an unfinished floor wrecks the entire ambience of the room. It is equally important to ensure that the right flooring option is chosen for the space.  The various flooring options available in the market include pebble flooring, metallic flooring, granite flooring, marble flooring, mosaic flooring, etc. Each of these flooring options have their own advantages and disadvantages and must be carefully chosen based on the following parameters.

What is the budget of the flooring project?

The budget is obviously a deciding factor in choosing flooring options. In fact, the first factor that is considered is the budget, because it helps limit one’s choices. However, budgetary restrictions should never come in the way of a beautiful home or office space. This can be achieved by option for metallic flooring which is pocket friendly and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Metallic flooring renders an air of sophistication to the space and this is especially appropriate for a workspace. They are known to give a the floor the appearance of depth making it suitable choice for low ceiling rooms so that it appears more “roomy”.

What is the expected moisture content?

The moisture content of a space is dependent on the purpose for which the space is used and the moisture content in the atmosphere. Take the bathroom for instance, it is room where a high moisture content is expected. Such a room should have a flooring option that ensures that the people using the room do not slip and fall. The flooring chosen should also not absorb moisture, because that could lead to a damp and stinky floor. Some flooring options like wood for instance, could also get damaged upon prolonged exposure to high moisture. Pebble flooring is the customer favorite when it comes to flooring a space where a high moisture content is expected. This is because the texture ensures that the people using the floor have a good grip and the ridges in between the pebbles helps water drain out easily.

What is the purpose of the space? The purpose for which a space is to be used should be considered when choosing a flooring option for the room. Different flooring options work for different rooms, for the interiors and the exteriors of a house. Pebble flooring is a favorite option when it comes to exterior garden spaces because of its earthy look and feel. Whereas, metallic flooring is the most preferred for office spaces and rooms as it is more formal and sophisticated in its appearance.

The weather in the United Kingdom and most countries in the Northern hemisphere means that houses require some sort of floor covering to keep the occupants comfortable. While carpet is one of the most commonly used flooring material in the United Kingdom, it can get pretty expensive, and requires a lot of maintenance.

Currently, in the United Kingdom, the use of vinyl as a floor covering is gaining popularity because there has been a lot of changes in the design, quality, colour, patterns, and sizes. The best vinyl products which are known as luxury vinyl tiles have some of the finest designs printed on it, making it very easy for homeowners to select them as the floor covering of choice. Vinyl has had a bag deal from the start and was usually consigned to installations in kitchens and bathrooms, mainly for their water-resistant qualities. Early examples of vinyl were quite similar in looks to linoleum and were popular because it was water-resistant and stain-proof. The advantages were that it provided excellent value and was long-lasting if used properly.

At the present time, luxury vinyl tiles or LVT are having a comeback of sorts in the United Kingdom and is now used as the flooring of choice in many industrial, commercial, and even residential units. Besides being long-lasting and versatile, modern LVT tiles now are available in a wide range of designs, colours, and even textures, with finishes mimicking stone, slate, and even various wood floorings. In the UK, vinyl flooring is available as tiles and as sheet flooring; the vinyl sheets are available in rolls of 6 feet or 12 feet wide and can be laid easily and quickly. The tiles, which are more popular in commercial and residential scenarios come in sizes of 9 inches x 9 inches or 12 inches x 12 inches.

Vinyl sheet flooring is very popular in industrial and commercial places, while luxury vinyl tiles are more often used in residential layouts. Their choice is a sensible alternative to various other kinds of flooring because it significantly lowers the cost, usually lasts long, and does not show fading even after long use. The prices of vinyl tiles are based on thickness, with thicker tiles being more expensive. Vinyl tiles are versatile because of their waterproof and slip-resistant qualities, making them a good fit for boot rooms, kitchens, utility, and bathrooms.

There are many different types of flooring available in the market, but a couple of new ideas is pebbled tiles and metallic finish tiles which provide a stylish option. Rough and smooth finish tiles gives a rustic appearance as well as character. These tiles are also quite popular with landscapers, as they provide an aesthetic finish around swimming pools and patios.

Unusual Finish

Pebble flooring tiles provide a simple finish, but giving a natural look to the décor, which is in great demand in these modern conservation times. There are many advantages to having pebble floor finishes, especially in bathrooms, where the pebbles used could be smooth or contoured for a rustic look. However, it is preferable to use the smooth finish in places where there is water, because a pebble finish could allow water to collect in between the gaps, leading to unexpected problems like mould and water seepage. In places where the rough contoured tiles are used, walking on them provides the under sole of the feet with a massaging quality, which is quite pleasing; also it is completely non-slip.

Green Alternative

There is a wide range of shapes and sizes available with pebble flooring, with shapes ranging from round, triangular, oval, etc., as well as many natural colours. As per individual requirement, the tiles could also have a mixed range of shapes and colours. One of the drawbacks of using the raised pebble style flooring tiles is that it does not let collected water drain properly, with water pooling in the spaces between the pebbles; this may result in the damp and mould build up, which has the potential to create health problems. A stopgap solution to this problem is to use grout applied liberally to the pebbles, giving it a smoother appearance, and preventing any water build up.

Shining Finish

Another popular flooring material that has found users in the United Kingdom is concept of metallic flooring, which is a good flooring alternate in heavy traffic areas. The main advantages of using metallic flooring tiles is for their durability and strength, and the product is available as tiles and in sheet form. Typically, these tiles are manufactured from bronze, galvanized steel, or aluminium; it may be recycled or could be new metal. Some of the popular metal tiles available in the market are made from solid metal or cast from polymers fused with real metal particles.

Vinyl flooring is the flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchen, as they are the high traffic areas. The kitchen floor is susceptible to spills and the bathroom floor can get wet consistently. Read on find more about luxury vinyl tiles that can bring the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Types of Vinyl

Vinyles come two forms, a sheet of vinyl can be cut to the amount you require and harder tiles. Sheet vinyl is soft, and the roll can be easily cut using a tape measure and a Stanley knife to the required size. You need to make sure that each cut is perfect. The roll can be laid down carefully on the top of your existing floor. The harder vinyl tiles will need gluing down to the floor, and the task needs to be correctly done on a perfectly leveled floor.

Luxury Vinyl Options: LVT and LVP

LVP is the acronym for luxury vinyl planks, and LVT is luxury vinyl tiles. As the name suggests, luxury vinyl planks look similar to hardwood floors and luxury vinyl tiles look like tiles or natural stone. Both are individual pieces of vinyl, not sheet vinyl and therefore, it will look similar to natural stone. Most luxury vinyls are waterproof or highly water-resistant.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles: Features and Advantages

You can make your flooring stunning with meticulously designed luxury vinyl tiles. The vinyl floor products can imitate the texture and material of most traditional materials. Compared to traditional materials, vinyl tiles will remain without any contraction or expansion. Luxury vinyl tiles are strong but soft underfoot. Further, it will be comfortable for your back when you need to stand for a long time, like in the kitchen. Not all flooring material can be installed in floors below ground, however, vinyl tiles can go in any room of your home.

Cleaning of Your Luxury Vinyl Tiles You can remove the dust particles with regular use of a boom which is preferred over the vacuum. If sweeping is not enough, you can do a damp mopping. Use a mild detergent like dishwashing liquid in a quart of water. If there is a stubborn stain, wet the area with a cleaning solution and leave it overnight to soften up the stain. You can wipe it with a dry cotton cloth in the morning. Try to clean the spills immediately before it becomes a stubborn stain.

Flooring is an important aspect of the design of a home.  It influences the aesthetics of a home.  Flooring impacts the way your home feels, whether it is cozy, cool, warm, or luxurious.  A change in the flooring can also make your home feel more spacious, brighter, and airy.  Flooring also affects the acoustics in a home.  You can choose to cover your basic flooring with luxurious carpets to sink your feet in.  You can go natural and have bamboo flooring.  Your life choices and foot traffic in your home will determine the kind of flooring you should choose for your home.

Saving The Environment With Natural Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an obvious choice for those choosing to go green.  If saving the environment and planet Earth is your priority, then this is a good choice as bamboo plants take only 4 to 7 years to grow to full height.  The forest covering can be easily replenished when you replant bamboo saplings.  Bamboo flooring is durable and scratch-resistant, which is why it is perfect for areas where the foot traffic is really heavy.  It is also moisture resistant and therefore is not affected by changes in weather.

Reasons For Popularity Of Beech Wood For Flooring

Beechwood has the reputation of being really tough wood that is able to withstand any amount of stress.  This is one of the reasons for it being used as the flooring of choice for basketball courts.  Beechwood has a smooth appearance as the grains are close, tight, and straight.  This particular type of wood is found in the mountain ranges of the Alps.  Beechwood is quite flexible and ideal for making different kinds of furniture.  It is nonporous and really durable besides being affordable.

Pros Of Using Beech Wood For Your Flooring

The colour of beech wood depends on which part of the tree is being used.  The heartwood is a warm brown with red tinges.  The sapwood can be rather light in colour, a pale white, and is perfect for use as flooring as it will go with any type of décor.  It is resistant to scratch and shock, which ensures that you do not have to constantly repair or touchup your flooring.  It also makes your home feel warm and cozy.  The tight grains and the smooth surface make it ideal for polishing.  It does not fade with sunlight exposure and it wears evenly maintaining its polish through years of use.

As far as structure and aesthetics go, wooden flooring definitely has an edge. Read on to find out more about it.

Different Types of Wood Flooring

Each piece of lumber has its distinct characteristics and appearance and requires individualized care. Flooring made out of wood comes from softwoods or hardwoods as well as from lumber that has been imported. A solid wood flooring is made up of a single piece of wood all the way through and can be used in any room that is above ground level. This type of flooring can be smoothened down and polished many times. On the other hand, engineered wood although made of real wood, actually consists of multiple layers. The top most layer is of very high quality and can also be refinished a couple of times but not too often. Since it does not easily contract and expand, it can also be installed in the basement. Another popular wood flooring option is the Composite Engineered flooring which has real wood only on the top most layer. The rest of the layers are made of different composite materials. Available in strip, plank and parquet, wood floors can differ in size, width and color. Plank floors give off a casual feel while strip flooring makes a room appear larger.

Advantages of Wooden Floors

Although wooden floorings can seem to be a bit more expensive as compared to other flooring options such as linoleum or laminates but their advantages far outweigh the costs. Wood floors are extremely resistant to regular wear and tear and very durable. They are also able to naturally add warmth to any space and feel a lot more comfortable in the winters. Wood flooring is easy to wipe up after a spill and are more hygienic than carpeted floors. They are better in homes where there are children or pets. Not only can they be cleaned easily but they do not harbor ticks and fleas as well as unpleasant odors. Unlike tiles or carpets, they can never go out of style and will add elegance in any day or age. There is also the distinct uniqueness that each wooden plank brings with it. While wood is expensive there are various price brackets available that can cater to any budget.

 Wood floors are timeless, a great investment adding definite aesthetic appeal to your space.

When you consider flooring for your home, you need to take into consideration factors such as comfort, costs, function, maintenance and durability.

Hardwood Flooring

Timeless and durable, hardwood is available in two types, one is the solid hardwood and the other engineered wood. The former is made of 100% real wood while the latter has layers of wood from top to the backing. Unlike Luxury Vinyl Tiles, hardwood flooring cannot be installed in the bathrooms because of the high level of humidity. While it is highly durable it can show wear and tear over time which can then be refinished to restore its shine. The finish of the wooden surface lasts according to the traffic it needs to sustain. Depending on the wood you can choose from a wide selection of colors, styles, and textures

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

This flooring is also known as LVT and is often available in a wood or stone finish. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are moisture resistant and are a great option for high traffic areas as well as bathrooms and basements. Not only is it 100 % waterproof, it is also easy to clean. It can also resist scratches and dents and will not buckle when exposed to water. Most come with a lifetime guarantee and are available in rustic, marble or traditional finish. Newer models are inspired by a wooden or concrete look.

Laminate Flooring

Affordable and aesthetically appealing, Laminate flooring can give the type of flooring feel you require. While it can be installed in just about any room, this type of flooring is specially constructed to withstand almost any kind of force and traffic. Not only do its layers protect the surface from scratches and spills but its core never loses its stability and resistance to moisture. New design technology enables, laminate flooring to be created in every possible color, design and inspiration. So whether it’s a stone floor or a wooden floor, you can have it all.

Engineered Tile Flooring

Made primarily of limestone, engineered tiles are an excellent alternative to natural stone or ceramic. Not only is it extremely durable but it is also warm and soft to feel. Similar to laminate floorings, its moisture resistance allow it to be installed in any space on the floor or even on the wall. With a lifetime warranty, these tiles are made in many styles such as marble, slate and terracotta, even resembling linen fabric.

Whatever you choose for your flooring be sure that they suit your family’s needs, the aesthetics of your home, the maintenance requirements and your budget.

Flooring is an important part of the overall décor of a property. With multiple options like Luxury Vinyl tiled flooring and multiple laminate flooring ranges, and each having their own advantages to offer, making the right choice can often be overwhelming.

The article aims to lead a healthy discussion on the score points for each while guiding you on the options best suited for your need.

Comparing the two

Well, when it comes to cost, both Luxury Vinyl tiles and laminate flooring fall roughly within the same range and are more cost-efficient solutions than traditional choices like hardwood, ceramic, marble or other stone ones. Then, they’re both highly durable and hence easy to maintain as compared to their wooden counterparts. The “wear” layers like aluminum oxide on some laminate floorings and clear vinyl and urethane on Vinyl tiles adds to their durability. And what’s more, you can get a range of choices within both these flooring options that imitate natural flooring surfaces like wood and stone!

Again, installation for both is a quick process and can be done by professionals in small time along with easy options for repair/ replacement of damaged pieces.

So that was all about their similarities. Let’s also get a few pointers on the differences between the two. Laminate flooring is made out of high-density fiberboard which makes it super strong and sturdy. Vinyl tiles as the name suggests are made out of vinyl giving the material stability and flexibility.

The process of installation has slight variations as well. Laminate floorings usually come with floating floor options whereas Luxury vinyl tiles need adhesives for gluing them to the subfloor.

Choosing the one that’s right for you

The choice is totally personal, but let’s just give you a brief idea of their advantages and disadvantages in correlation with your needs. Laminate floorings score a little over Luxury vinyl tile options owing to their stain and fire resistant features along with being the more tougher and resistant surface.

Additionally, laminate floorings can work out better in scenarios where the uniformity of the subfloor is an issue. Since laminate floor planks are a little more rigid, they work better in creating an even look and balancing the unevenness of a surface.

Finally, laminate flooring being a green product made from wood by-products is a renewable as well as greener option as compared to their vinyl tiled counterparts which are made out of toxic chemicals like petrochemicals and chlorides.

The choice is of course yours. Consider your needs carefully while discussing with a professional organization to get a material that’s best suited for your living conditions.

The presence of online shops and the luxury of being able to do online research has opened out our choices in every aspect of our lives including our homes.  Wooden flooring for example, if you ever decide to build a new home or renovate your old home, the variety of ideas that come up can leave you quite bedazzled.  You can therefore make an informed choice, knowing the pros and cons of every decision you make as regards the decorating of your home.  There has been a tremendous advancement in flooring thanks to technological innovations so that you have available now aesthetically pleasing and durable flooring which are also highly economical.

Savor The Beauty Of Hardwood Wooden Flooring

Wood flooring has been popularly used as flooring material by homeowners.  It is available in different styles, species, and colours.  The advantage of using wooden flooring is that it goes with all kinds of décor.  Hardwood floors of very hard wood is ideal for flooring especially in heavy foot traffic areas as it will be resistant to scratches and dents.  Oak, cherry, maple, ash, bamboo, walnut, and mahogany are some of the popular choices for hardwood floors.  You can also go for laminate, engineered hardwood, or solid hardwood depending on your budget.  Solid hardwood floors can be restored to its original beauty with sanding and refinishing.  It also adds value to a home, however, great care must be taken when installing it to counter the effects of weather.

Pros Of Using Engineered Wood Floors

The advantages of using engineered wood flooring is that it does not respond to changes in weather as does natural wood.  You can get the effects of using hardwood without paying as much.  It is perfect for laying in basements as it can withstand humidity and changes in weather conditions without expanding or contracting.  These floors are durable and can be sanded and refinished to get back its original splendor.  Engineered wood floors consists of many layers with the topmost layer being made of good quality wood.  The core material and the backing is made of composite material.

Saving The Environment With Renewable Resources

Having wooden floors in your dream home is considered a luxury and if you are one of the lucky ones, you are definitely reaping the benefits of having chosen to go with a wooden flooring for your home.  Wood floors are durable and can withstand the rough and tumble of family lives.  In these days of environmental consciousness, choosing to go with wooden floors will ensure you are building green.  Wooden floors do not create landfill waste as they do not have to be replaced for ages.  Cork and bamboo are renewable and sustainable resources and using them ensures you truly have a green home.